How to Get Ripped Arms

How to Get Ripped Arms – Even If You Hate Working Out Like Me

When you ask most trainers about how to get ripped arms, the first thing they tell you is to work out.

It was so frustrating for me because I’ve never really liked to work out.

If I’m honest with myself, its because I wasn’t seeing results fast enough.

That’s why I launched this website to document the best methods and resources I’ve found to get ripped arms with that nice cut look quickly.

My personal goal was to see a good result in six to eight weeks.

Researching How To Get Ripped Arms

There is a look of generic information on the Internet about bicep curls and other methods.  But there are a lot of things missing.

What I learned in my research is that the form and approach you use is more important than the effort you put in.

In other words, some approaches work better and faster than others.

I downloaded a few ebooks but most of them where very basic written by guys who didn’t have ripped arms themselves.

Here are 6 things I learned:

6 Lessons About How to Get Ripped Arms

You can learn how to get ripped arms if you keep a few things in mind.

(1) First, find someone who has actually done it.

I realized this sound elementary but you’d be surprised at the number of people dishing out advice who have never actually done what they are talking about.  So find a real role model.  I’ve included information about the person I’m learning from on this page.

(2) Second, set realistic goals.

Who doesn’t want to get ripped fast?  There are very real methods on how to get ripped arms quickly.  And, the best methods do take a little time.  That’s why it’s important to have a goal and a time line.

(3) Third, find a picture to motivate you.

Did you see that picture on the front page of my how to get ripped arms website?  As much as I want it to be, that’s not actually me.  It’s a picture I found to motivate me.  It might sound weird to have a picture like this, but it actually works.  I read about one guy who had someone good at Photoshop put his head on a picture like this.  I might try that too.

(4) Fourth, get an accountability partner.

The worst thing you can do is try and go it alone.  You need someone to hold you accountable.  Even the most motivated people have a trainer, coach or buddy to help them stay on track.  There are some great membership sites and forums where you can find sincere people who will not let you off the hook.  It’s best to choose a stranger because your friends and family tend to go easy on you.

(5) Fifth, follow a proven plan.

I tried to piece together what to do from the Internet.  I researched how to get ripped arms.  I ended up with dozens of websites, hundreds of pages and 20 different opinions about what to do.  It was super confusing so I did nothing.  The best thing you can do is purchase a course on what to do and follow the plan.  Even of you don’t get it 100%, you will make more progress this way than on your own.

(6) Six, start now even if you’re a little skeptical.


Welcome to the club!  Like me, you’re probably skeptical about learning how to get ripped arms over the Internet.  That’s why I created this website so you can feel confident to learn how to get ripped arms too.  I’ve done the research so we can both get the results we want.  Check out the system that can work for you.

I used to be a big procrastinator.  So because I know this about myself, I’ve had to train myself to always take action immediately.  If I think about it too much, I come up with all kinds of excuses for not taking action.  I don’t about you, maybe you’re different.  Bottom line, results come from taking action now, not “Monday.”

Remember, just a few small changes really can make a big difference in your life, but you must take action.  Let’s learn how to get ripped arms together.


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